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New poll shows strong support for LGBT inclusive non-discrimination

A new poll by ONE Community Foundation and OH Predictive Insights shows strong support for updating Arizona’s non-discrimination law to include sexual orientation and gender identity among Arizonans. Arizona’s current non-discrimination law provides protections based on race, gender, religion national origin, ethnicity, and disability, but does not include sexual orientation or gender identity. This poll comes at the same time the first bipartisan bill, HB 2586, to update Arizona’s non-discrimination laws to include sexual orientation and gender identity in housing, employment and public accommodations is under consideration in the Arizona House of Representatives.

“This poll demonstrates what we’ve known for quite some time - treating people fairly and with respect isn’t a partisan issue. General Election voters overwhelmingly support equal protection policies, and well over half of self-identified conservatives support equal treatment policies as well.  Arizonans understand that equal treatment is not only the right thing to do, but if we want to build a sustainable economy and attract and retain the very best then we must be open for business to everyone on the same terms,” said Angela Hughey, Co-Founder and President of ONE Community and ONE Community Foundation.

In a two-part poll conducted February 1 through February 5 that included a 400 sample (41% cell Phones / 59% landlines) of 2018 likely General Election voters, and a 400 sample (23% cell phones / 77% landlines) of self-identified conservatives, support for updating Arizona’s non-discrimination law to include sexual orientation and gender identity was strong across the areas of employment, housing and public services. 

  • General Election voters favored policies that protect gay and transgender people from discrimination in employment at 77.8% while self-identified conservative voters favored employment protections at 62.3%.
  • General Election voters favored policies that protect gay and transgender people from discrimination in public services at 77.3%, and self-identified conservatives favored public services protections at 58.9%
  • General Election voters favored policies that protect gay and transgender people from discrimination in housing at a rate of 73%, and self-identified conservatives favored housing protections at 55.7%


Highlights from the poll:

Do you strongly favor, favor, oppose or strongly oppose policies that protect gay and transgender people from discrimination in employment?

 General:                                                                      Conservative:

Strongly Favor – 230 – 57.5%                                 Strongly Favor – 127 – 31.4%

Favor –  81 – 20.3%                                                  Favor – 125 – 30.9%

Strongly Oppose – 30 – 7.4%                                   Strongly Oppose – 50 – 12.4%

Oppose – 19 – 4.8%                                                  Oppose – 39 – 9.7%

No Opinion – 40 – 10.0%                                         No Opinion – 63 – 15.6%

Total – 400/404 participants – 100%

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Meet our new Development Director, Janine Skinner


Please join us in giving a warm welcome to Janine Skinner. Janine is joining our team as ONE Community Foundation's Development Director.

After raising three children in Arizona - two of whom are LGBTQ - Janine became fiercely passionate about making her home state an inclusive and affirming place for all. She and her husband Dennis started volunteering for ONE Community two years ago, and fell in love with our mission to create an Arizona that is truly welcoming and open for business to everyone.

For the past 10 years Janine has worked for Feed My Starving Children and was integral in helping to bring the non-profit to Arizona and to grow their Mesa packing facility to the largest in the nation. She brings her years of fundraising and partnership building experience along with her passion for equality to the ONE Community team.

You can reach Janine at:

Scottsdale City Council votes to send letter to State of Arizona urging update to statewide non-discrimination law

Letter encourages inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity  

(Scottsdale, AZ) This week, the Scottsdale City Council voted 6-1 in favor of sending a letter to the Arizona State Legislature, specifically President Steve Yarborough (R-17) and Speaker Mesnard (R-17), encouraging the elected leaders to update Arizona’s non-discrimination law to include sexual orientation and gender identity, in the workplace, housing and businesses, and public accommodations.   

In addition to an ethical imperative, the letter cited that the City was in favor of an update because such a move would significantly aid in their economic development efforts, as well as assist with the attraction and retention of needed workforce talent.  The City also asked the Legislature to take up this issue to avoid inconsistencies and patchwork policies among Arizona’s cities. 

Currently, only Phoenix, Tempe, Tucson, Flagstaff and Sedona have ordinances that ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.  Arizona has no statewide laws that protect gay and transgender individuals from being fired based on their sexual orientation or gender identity, or discriminated against in housing and businesses open to the public. 

This is a very positive step in the right direction, and is reflective of who we are,” stressed Councilwoman Virginia Korte.Scottsdale is a welcoming and inclusive city, and our statewide policies need to match our ethos, while also helping to improve our brand and competitiveness even more,” she added. 

“We are proud to be working collaboratively alongside cities including Scottsdale to address this important issue and support a statewide update to our non-discrimination policies.  If we want to do the right thing and remain competitive in terms of jobs and growing our economy, then an update to our non-discrimination policies must be a priority,” said Angela Hughey, co-founder and president of ONE Community and ONE Community Foundation. 


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Faith Director - Job Description

(Part-Time, 30 hours/week)


Job Description:

ONE Community Foundation’s Faith Director will advance our educational outreach and advocacy work by increasing the public visibility of people of faith who support equality. This includes: recruiting more “open for worship” signers, creating earned media opportunities for faith leaders to talk about being open for worship to everyone, and recruiting clergy to engage leaders/influencers in municipalities such as Glendale, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Chandler, and at the state capitol on issues of equality, equal treatment, and transgender rights.

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I would not change my child for the world, but I would change the world for my child

CheriseBasquez.JPG     As Mother’s Day approaches, I think about this amazing journey I am on as a mother. I once heard a phrase that always comes back to me: “I would not change my child for the world but I would change the world for my child.”  This phrase has come to have a special significance in my role as a parent.

My child is now eight years old. When my child was first born, I was so happy to have a baby boy. As my son became a two-year-old, he started to express his own interests. He preferred princess toys, dresses and everything pink and sparkly. I was a fairly open-minded parent and figured that ‘colors are colors’ and ‘what little kid doesn’t like sparkles?’. He wanted pink sandals so I bought them for him. However, my son’s interest in girl-typical toys and clothing only increased as he turned three. He started to tell me “I am a girl.” He wanted to wear dresses and turned all clothes into dresses by wearing long shirts.

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ONE Community Foundation launches public education campaign in support of equal treatment for all Arizonans













Beginning on April 3rd, 2017, ONE Community will be launching an educational billboard campaign, in partnership with businesses across the state, aimed at raising public awareness that Arizona’s current non-discrimination laws are not inclusive of sexual orientation or gender identity.

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