Stephanie Watkins-Clark

Memorial Grant for High Potential Leaders

Stephanie served and was one of the founding members of the ONE Community’s Multicultural Advisory Board and was a very special woman. First and foremost she was a dedicated Mother who taught her son, among others, about diversity, inclusion and equal rights for all.

Stephanie always gave more than 100% at everything she set out to accomplish. She surrounded herself by many types of people whom she could learn and grow from and was quoted as saying “I have many friends from all different walks of life that make me who I am”. Stephanie loved Star Wars, Minions, automobiles, photography, rescue animals and family.

She could shoot a bow and arrow with finesse, had an infinite knowledge of swords and had a wonderful sense of humor. After her diagnosis of Sarcoma in 2013, Stephanie passed away at the young age of 40 in late 2015. Though she lost her battle with cancer, she will forever be associated with working for equal rights with the ONE Community’s Stephanie Watkins-Clark Grant for diverse, LGBT and allied high potential leaders. Stephanie’s work in equality and the fierceness in the way she lived were things to be admired and will now live on as she continues to inspire the future recipients of this grant. And, as Stephanie would say, “May the force be with you”.